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Trees_Leafy_CanopyAs a practicing clinical psychologist specializing in evidence-based treatments of major mental health diagnoses, it is important to me to educate the public about mental health. Because of the very nature of mental health problems, discussing them can raise uncomfortable emotions, including in those who don’t have a diagnosis. This has unfortunate consequences in our society, including preventing people who need mental health care from seeking it, and encouraging fear, stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and even violence toward those with mental health diagnoses.

Part of this problem is that human beings, and therefore media, are naturally drawn toward drama, such as the rare instances in which persons with mental health diagnoses commit violent crimes. Most people with these diagnoses are far more likely to be victims of such crimes than to perpetrate them. Many lead, in the words of Thoreau “lives of quiet desperation”. Many contribute vitally to our community as teachers, artists, doctors, political leaders, engineers, etc.

I want to use this page, and be a resource to other media, to get out the story of effective treatment (especially underpublicized evidence-based psychological treatments), to advocate and problem-solve to make such treatment available to everyone, and to empower people who have mental health diagnoses.  They have helped create our culture and history.

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