How Dr. Yoman Can Help

Dr. Yoman provides life skills training and psychotherapy to help you accomplish your personal goals and improve your quality of life. In working with you, he places a priority on creating a good working relationship where you feel safe openly sharing your experiences. From this foundation you and he will move toward a common understanding of your concerns. That understanding will in turn lead to action strategies for the changes you wish to make. Preferred strategies will be those which have been demonstrated as effective for people who have similar concerns. In addition, you will regularly evaluate with Dr. Yoman how well his services are working for you. Dr. Yoman specializes in helping people with depression, other mood problems, and substance abuse concerns.

A Personal Message from Dr. Yoman: Experience and degrees are information you may find helpful in choosing a psychologist. However, your personal reaction to interacting with the person is also important in deciding whether you can trust and confide in him or her. You and I work as a team, and it is always your decision whether to hire or keep me as your psychologist. Therapist-client “match” is important to successful therapy, and there is no obligation to continue after an initial consultation.

Dr. Yoman can help you:Ivy_Spa_Stone

  • Manage your stress and moods
  • Accept and express your feelings
  • Improve your relationship with yourself
  • Create a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle
  • Develop and strengthen relationships through assertiveness, communication, and conversation skills
  • Clarify values and set goals
  • Overcome the destructive effects of alcohol and drug abuse